“It’s not about how many times you fall,but about how many times you GET UP and do it AGAIN.”

About Cristin

With incredible balance, Cristin Sandu will have you sitting on the edge of your seats. Cristin will entertain any crowd by juggling clubs and maneuvering through mini hoops, all the while balancing atop rolling cylinders that could come crashing down at any second. This act is engaging to any type of audience and will certainly have the biggest reactions.


Cristin Sandu has been performing professionally as a balance expert for thirteen years. During his career, Cristin has performed over (two) thousand shows and along the way he has been recognized with multiple awards. You might have seen Cristin perform on America’s Got Talent, My Fair Wedding, MTV musical awards, and most NBA, WNBA, NHL and MLB sports shows. Cristin Sandu has shared the stage with some of the today’s biggest stars, including, Usher, Nick Cannon, Howard Stern, Jamie Chung, Carmen Electra, Kendra Wilkinson, Bam Margera, Jim Carrey, Howie Mandel and Jay Leno. Cristin is in the process of breaking a world record to raise $1 million for Sant Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

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